Zempel Strategic Services

Applied economics research and market analysis by Zempel Strategic have the advantage of Clare Zempel's practical insights and notable objectivity. Clare uses his expertise and the instincts of a skilled teacher to ensure the information he shares has value-that it is useful and unambiguous. Zempel Strategic meets client needs through a range of services.

  • Economic forecasts for strategic and profit planning
  • Alternative forecasts for risk assessment
  • Risk-reward relationships for business and investment decision-making
  • International trends for competitive analysis and planning
  • Asset allocation strategies and tactics for investment portfolio management
  • Process analysis for corporate planning or investment policy development
  • Economic and investment education for employees and customers
  • Informational newsletters for staff members and clients
  • Special commentaries on business issues and prospects
  • Higher-level economic consulting for complex problem solving and planning
Informative Reports
Zempel Strategic presents findings and recommendations in concise, readable reports, selected to meet client needs. Frequency and content vary, but can include:

- Monthly Reports -- Timely check on basic economic and market trends.

- Quarterly Reviews -- In-depth look at major issues and long-run prospects.

- Special Commentaries -- Quick but reasoned perspective on major market surprises.

- Weekly Updates -- Updates on short-term developments and their implications.