Best Practices and Business-Building Topics

Clients for the Long Run
How do you find and keep clients for the long run? The answer lies in educating and communicating with clients. Outlines what informed investors need to know about economic and market interactions. Reveals the most important asset allocation principles. Pinpoints the most treacherous behavioral pitfalls clients and advisers should avoid. Identifies and explains the most critical economic and market indicators. Shows how financial advisors can use this information to improve client satisfaction and success.

Financial Advisors for the Long Run
How can stressed-out financial advisors become happier and more productive? The short answer: Know what matters most for investment success. Discusses strategies for coping with information overload. Identifies which economic and market indicators are the most critical for investment success. Shows how advisors can use basic asset allocation tools to build and improve client relationships. Explains how behavioral insights can help financial advisers become more effective for their clients and themselves.

Other Sample Topics

13 Numbers, 5 Ratios, 2 Spreads
    Asset allocation tools simplified.

How to Be Your Own Economist
    Tools and tricks for anticipating economic trends.

How to Be Your Own Investment Strategist
    Tools and tricks for identifying market risks and opportunities.

Advising Cousin Janet
    How an economist learned to help financial advisors help clients.
Zempel Appearances

Clare Zempel regularly makes presentations for the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network and the Executive Education Series at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has been on the roster for the Government Finance Officers Association, the American Trucking Association, the American Bankers Association, Pegasus TransTech, Berbee Information Networks, the International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans, Canon U.S.A., McLeod Software and other groups.

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