Presentation Topics

Clare Zempel brings the unique dual perspective of an economist and an investment strategist to each presentation. His talks are timely and attuned to audience interests.

Economic and Investment Topics

Economic and Market Outlook
Observations on economic and market conditions with a view to future prospects. Examinations of economic trends and Federal Reserve policies critical to stock and bond markets. Careful attention to cyclical risks and opportunities. Defines asset allocation implications clearly. Tips on important indicators that minimize risk and enhance returns. Topical and updated to remain fresh and relevant.

Financial Market Prospects
A timely look at short- and long-run financial market prospects. Covers investment risks and opportunities in detail. In-depth exploration of asset allocation implications. Addresses economic and other trends critical to investment performance. Customized as needed for specific investment interests.

Economic Prospects
Focused look at short- and long-run economic prospects. Covers cyclical economic risks and opportunities in detail. In-depth exploration of implications for major economic sectorsóconsumer spending, housing, business investment, international trade and the government. Assesses economic issues and other trends critical to business success. Customized as needed for specific industries and companies.

International Trends
Spotlights economic trends with international impact. Examines markets in important developed and developing countries around the globe. Includes asset allocation implications for U.S. investors. Customized as needed to focus on specific nations and regions.

Economic Issues and Implications
Perspectives on major secular issues and their potential impact on economic and investment performance over the next decade and more. Covers major issues selected in consultation with event planners. Typical issues include the trade deficit, foreign competition, protectionism, the federal budget deficit, tax policies, social security solvency, pension funding, health care costs, Medicare funding, energy prices, real wage trends, demographic trends, long-run investment returns and terrorism. Focuses on understanding the issues, their potential resolution and the implications for the financial markets. Can include brief comments on short-run economic and market prospects. Updated regularly to remain topical and relevant.

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