Characteristic Clare Zempel

Personalized delivery creates a one-to-one connection with the audience; Clare speaks to the individuals in every group, making his presentations accessible to all.

Zempel presentations adapt easily to fit format, time slot and setting; for keynotes or workshops, long or short, Clare delivers an original speech suitable to each situation.

Anticipates audience interests by actively researching what each group wants to know; delivers focused, exclusive views that are relevant, topical and useful.

Dry wit to fit he right measure to connect with the audience and help them connect with the topic. Think Dennis Miller or Steven Wright…with charts!

Honors audience interests, viewpoints and expertise in both content and delivery; challenges audience assumptions without hesitation when appropriate.

Avoids extraordinary and self-serving predictions intended merely to shock or raise the temperature in the room; offers, rather, a passionate but reasoned counterpoint to often wrong and sometimes dangerous media “hype.”

Delivers factual commentary in a direct, no-nonsense style; from in-depth explanations to summarizing key conclusions, Clare focuses on actionable information when discussing market prospects, investment strategies, best business practices and other topics.

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