Economist • Investment Strategist • Communicator

Economist and investment strategist Clare Zempel makes it his business to communicate and communicate well. Whether speaking in the boardroom, from the podium or in a workshop, he conveys relevant, actionable information with directness and candor.

Clare Zempel honed his nimble approach to a dynamic analysis of complex economic and financial issues as an economist and investment strategist for major national firms. Clare continues to use that same exceptional mix of skill and insight to consult with financial institutions, corporations and private investors. He combines innovative research and seasoned common sense into advice and recommendations his clients use to shape and implement policies. Clare looks past the headlines to the facts and puts consensus views to the test. He asks and answers the questions that matter most for business and investment success.

Presenting to a live audience either broad or specialized Clare Zempel translates his agile thinking to observations that are provocative, enlightening and useful. He strives to engage all his listeners in the topic at hand. He gets them thinking, challenges their assumptions and places economic issues in a real-world context. At ease on the stage, Clare is personable and down-to-earth. He infuses his remarks with humor that keeps things lively and in perspective.


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