The Zempel Strategic
Stock Market Model

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The Zempel Strategic Stock Market Model aims to determine when it is desirable to be invested in common stocks and when it is not. From December 1965 to December 2009, the model earned a 16.8% compound annual total return. For comparison, the compound annual total return for the S&P 500 Common Stock Index over the same period was just 9.2%.

The Zempel Strategic Stock Market Model is objective. The numbers used in it are reliable facts. No estimates are needed. Calculations involve arithmetic and basic statistics. The rules used to interpret the calculations are simple and well tested.

The model was built to eliminate the need to forecast economic and financial variables because that cannot be done well. It was also developed to counter the influence that opinions and emotions often have on investment decisions. Opinions and emotions are built into the stock prices and interest rates used in the model. The model puts those subjective views into perspective. It identifies unsustainable extremes in time to take profitable actions in bullish and bearish markets.

The model is not perfect but it has outperformed the market substantially and with less risk since 1965. And it did so without the need to predict economic trends or forecast political shifts or watch CNBC.

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